Fishing Charter Info and Pricing

Trip Information and Rates

The Dos Amigos is licensed and insured as a “6-Pack Charter Boat”, meaning that the maximum amount of passengers on the boat is 6 people, not including the Captain and 1st Mate.

The prices are based on renting the whole boat, up to 6 people.

1/2 Day (4 Hours)


3/4 Day (6 Hours)


All Day (8 Hours)


10 Hours


12 Hours


15 Hours


*There is no fuel surcharge

The Dos Amigos will provide all rods, reels, tackle, bait, license, insurance and permits.  Additionally, filleting of the fish and ice will be provided free for you to enjoy your catch later on!  Only thing you need to bring is your food and drink!

Fishing Trip Options

TROLLING: Trolling consist of the boat is constantly moving.Trolling is for beginners and experts alike. We put out four lines behind the boat ,a couple down deep and a couple near the surface. we will use spoons ,plugs, jigs, and ballyhoo (not related to cindy-loo hoo!). Once the fish have been located Capt. Tom will circle on top of the school and wait for the big fish to strike!

BOTTOM FISHING: Consist of the boat stopping and anchoring.6 people can fish at one time while doing this.You drop you weighed hook to the bottom and wait for for that bite! Sometimes it is fast and furious and other times it is a bit slower. You will always catch something this way. Groupers are the main fish doing this, and gray snappers are also a tasty treat!

AMBERJACK FISHING: You will need a 10-12 hour charter for these big boys. We will need to travel about 40-50 miles to catch some of these reef donkeys! You will need your wheaties for these guys!

RED SNAPPER TRIPS: These trips are one of my favorite charters to run. 12-15 hour trips. It is a long ride but it is well worth it when you get there. The action is fast and furious with red snappers and BIG groupers coming over the side of the boat . The snappers will range from 5lbs to 20lbs and the groupers will be from 10-20lbers.Also with this trip if we catch our limit of fish,we can troll out there and maybe get lucky with a tuna ,mahi mahi, sailfish or a wahoo! Snapper season is open in June and ends in July sometime.

OFFSHORE TROLLING: 15-18 hour charter (50-80 miles out). We will be trolling for Sailfish, wahoos, tunas, mahi mahi and whatever else bites! These trips are for the more patient fisherman, but when you get one of these big boys, you will need to put up a serious fight!

At the end of the day, the captain will display your fish for you, and you can get all the pictures you want! You can hold up your fish or your friends fish for a picture, after a few years you can say that you caught that big one (pictures never lie but old fisherman tales do). The Captain will clean all your fish and bag them up.

Coolers are welcome, but if you don’t have one, no worries mate. I have a large cooler for all your food and drinks, and all the ice you will need. If you bringing home fish, and you need a cooler, the marina has some styro-foam coolers for sale. You can also bring your catch to Crabby Bills (across the street) and they will cook your fish for a really reasonable price and you get two side dishes for a nice fish dinner!