Snapper Season !!!

Here we are June 11th and I have run 4 snapper trips and they have all been successful. With our limits in both groupers and snappers up to 17 lbs  so far. They’re have been a couple of fish that we couldn’t turn but that’s fishing . They’re plenty of days during the week to go snapper fishing this next month, and even a occasional Sunday in thePokiiMap Apk next month that might be open for a 10-12 hr snapper trip .        And on the trolling scene , we have been catching lots of barracudas on our 5 and 6 hr charters with the occasional shark,bonito, and spanish mackerel mixed in . 4 hrs charters have been a little tougher ,same type of fish just not as many as the 5 and 6 hr trips.    So bring out the family and we can take you fishing for whatever your pleasure ,Big fish or lots of small fish your choice.  And Remember, “Life is good on the Dos Amigos !!”

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