Seasonal Fishing Blog

Snapper Season !!!

Here we are June 11th and I have run 4 snapper trips and they have all been successful. With our limits in both groupers and snappers up to 17 lbs  so far. They're have been a couple of fish that we couldn't turn but that's fishing

Fishing in June

Here we are in Clearwater Beach and June is already here. How fast the year is going. It is now time to put your BIG BOY pants on . It is red snapper season !!! That's right folks ...long trips and Big Groupers and Red Snappers are here.  We do love fishing here in

Clearwater Fishing in April

It is now April, and the weather has been mild this winter. The smell of orange blossoms are in the air. Do you know what that means ? KINGFISH ARE HERE !!!  That right folks, King mackerel, kings, slimeys, whatever you want to call them, they made it to town.  We troll for them,