Fishing in June

Here we are in Clearwater Beach and June is already here. How fast the year is going. It is now time to put your BIG BOY pants on . It is red snapper season !!! That’s right folks …long trips and Big Groupers and Red Snappers are here.  We do love fishing here in Clearwater Beach but it will require a longer length trip to get into the red snapper grounds.(  a minimum  of 10 , preferably 12 hrs will do it). We do catch some on the 8hr grouper trips ,but not always.    On the grouper side of things ,the gag grouper seasoned opens up on June 1st along with the red snappers. The red snapper season is open until the 19th of July. We have been catching red groupers on our 8 hr charters these days and still going pretty far out there for them. I do hope they start coming closer.      On the trolling front, Kingfish are almost out of here but there are still a few around . The spanish mackerels have not really showed up yet,but there are barracudas biting pretty well on our 6hr charters with some bonitos to go with them.                                                                                    Tight Lines everybody

Capt Tom

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