1/2 day,3/4 day,8hr and 10hr Grouper Fishing and Tuna Fishing Charters In Clearwater Beach


Hello to all of my grouper fishing people out there in the Clearwater Beach, Dunedin, St. Petersburg, Tampa, and the greater Orlando area. Hello to all my fellow fishing enthusiasts around the country as well!

As you may  have noticed over the last couple of days, the air and water temperatures have risen. With that in mind, our local groupers will start to move closer to the shores of Clearwater Beach and nearby Dunedin.

Right now, a 10 hr. fishing charter is ideal for going out to capture some nice red groupers . In the next few weeks, an 8 hr. fishing charter will be enough for these tasty white meat fish. To go grouper fishing, you need to either anchor up or drift if the conditions are right. Drop your bait to the bottom and wait for them to find you! When they do find you, HOLD ON! The fun has just begun!

Groupers pull hard trying to find a hole or structure on the bottom to get there head in. I like to say, that they are very much like us at times. It's like they head to the fridge, grab your bait snack , head back to their underwater mancave with the tv remote! The trick is to stop him before he gets back to his lounge chair.

We do have a few tricks to lure them out. Book with us and you will find out!

The whole trick to grouper fishing is to let them pull on the line with NO RESISTANCE !!! Let them take you about 2 feet down, then just start to reel as fast as you can! No yanking on the rod... (lol to all you Bass fishermen) ...just crank. If you get a really big one, you can lift the rod up to help with the capture.

My boat is set up nicely for bottom fishing. We can fish 6 people at a time! With 4 chairs in the back, you can be fishing in a chair and standing when you desire.  I do suggest to stand to catch some of these groupers,but I have rods that are specially design to allow one to sit in the chair and fish.

If sushi is your thing, we do have some blackfin tunas roaming in the deeper waters. They are one of my favorite fish to capture. These fish can get up to 40 lbs. There is plenty of fight all the way up to the boat. Live bait is best to capture them. You can chum for them up with frozen sardines Then it is just a matter of slipping a hook in one of the chunks of sardines.

Another successful way to catch tuna is to troll for them with ballyhoos, plugs, and spreader bars. These fish like to eat first thing in the morning. It's not to say they won't eat later on in the day, but first thing in the morning is ideal.

On our shorter 4 and 6 hr. charters, we have been trolling for King Mackerels, Spanish Mackerels, Bonitos, and Barracudas. It has been mixed reviews so far this spring. Some days have been outstanding while other days are just ok. It is still early in the season so things should start to level out with a more consistent catch.

We have been doing a lot of 1/2 day and 3/4 day charters these last few weeks. On a last note, I am looking forward to going out on some all day and 10 hr. charters for my groupers and tuna enthusiasts.
Alright ladies and brothers from other mothers.....lets book a charter with the Dos Amigos and catch some impressive fish!               All the best,  Capt Tom

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